Bright Blue Peacock Palazzo Pants
Bright Blue Peacock Palazzo Pants

Bright Blue Peacock Palazzo Wrap Pants

A classy, wrap-around twist on the traditional Thai harem pants, with a gorgeous bright blue peacock feather design.

Made from the same 100% Thai  rayon as the classic smock waist Thai harem pants, but with extra wrap around pleats and palazzo flared legs for a free-flowing feel, finished with an elasticated back section for the perfect fit.



  • Waist: 24″ to 36″
  • Hips:  up to 42″
  • Inseam:  28″
  • Total length:  40″



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These authentic Thai harem pants / harem trousers are ethically produced in the heart of Lanna country, where they’ve been popular with bohemian travelers and yogis for many years. 100% Thai rayon fabric provides a comfortable lightweight feel, perfect for casual wear, festivals, holidays and of course yoga.

What is Lanna Soul?

Lanna is the old name for Northern Thailand – a region with a vast history of weaving, textile production, woodworking and hill tribe communities such as the Hmong and Lisu. Every product carries the soul of Lanna country, ethically produced and sourced, full of traditional character with modern twists.

Additional information

Weight220 g

Waist: 24" to 36", Hips: up to 42", Inseam: 28", Total length: 40"


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