Lanna Soul is based in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the heart of what was once known as ‘Lanna Country’.

We’re immensely proud to work with local artisans, as well as locally produced fabric and textiles to create both the traditional and modern twists on classic Lanna styles you see in our store. Made in Lanna country and made with soul.

10% of all sales are donated to Save The Elephant Foundation – a local elephant sanctuary dedicated to saving and helping Asian elephants. Join us and sponsor an elephant today!

Golden Hill Tribe Swingpack

Traditionally embroiderd Hmong hill tribe designs in a gorgeous every day cross-shoulder clutch. Ethically made, beautifully boho – and on sale now!


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The Hmong hill tribe are one of several tribal communities in the Northern regions of Thailand, particularly the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai areas, with a rich history of textile production including hemp weaving and natural indigo plant dying. They are well known for their uniquely dyed clothing and head dresses as well their organic farming and beautiful valley communities nestled high up in the mountains.

In recent years their main source of income has changed from agriculture and farming to producing textiles and accessories for the visitors and markets of the big city.

Lanna Soul Thai Harem Pants & Boho Clothing
Lanna Soul Harem Pants & Boho Clothing
Lanna Soul Thai Harem Pants & Boho Clothing
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Blue & Gold Thai Harem Pants + 1 Item
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Dark Boho Feathers Vest
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Men's Plain Navy Thai Fisherman Pants
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Pink Striped Thai Harem Pants
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Pink Hmong Hill Tribe Cross Body Clutch Purse
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Dark Grey Buddha Elephant Vest
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Black & Gold Feather Harem Wrap Palazzo Pants
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Dark Grey Buddha Elephant Vest + 1 Item
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